Happy Wheels

Happy wheels is the most popular flash game today and that's why we have dedicated this website to the game. You can also find some other racing games at Happy-Wheels.Info ,but the main theme remains the Happy Wheels. The game is played by all generations of people, from little kids to teenagers and older people, because it is really funny game.
Unfortunately, the full version of the game is available only at the official website, TotalJerkface. We are just a fan site, so you can play here the Demo Version and Hacked Version of Happy wheels.


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Interesting Facts About Happy Wheels

The game was released by Jim Bonacci in 2010. The first version of the game had only few characters and several maps. Even though it became very popular because of the violence scenes. All other characters were added a bit later, when the game already became the top played flash game around the world.

Unlocking New Characters

At the beginning of the game, only a few characters are available. The most common characters are: Irresponsible Dad,Wheelchair Guy,Segway Guy. During the game, you will unlock many other interesting characters like Santa,Pogostick Man,Irresponsible Mom and many others. The most interesting thing is that each character has it's own unique abilities, for example some can move faster than other, some of them can easily do stunts, some can jump higher and so on. Make sure you try them all.

Can I create my own levels?

The game has a Level Editor, which can be used for making your own levels with different interesting stories. Using the level editor is a bit difficult,so we have added a video tutorial how to use it. You can find it at Happy-Wheels.Info. Notice: To create your own level and than share it with other gamers, you should register at the official website of the game. You can't do this at our website.

Happy Wheels - Recent Updates

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